COVID-19 Recovery Initiatives

COVID-19 saw an impact on our third iteration of the Point Cook Pop Up Park, with over 30% of events and activities cancelled in 2020. As we strived to find alternatives to deliver these activities post-lockdown in a COVID-safe manner, we immediately knew things would need to change in the long term.

This turned out to be the case as, Melbourne grew to love their outdoor spaces and with growing popularity for outdoor dining as Victoria's businesses slowly re-opened, we worked closely with Wyndham City Council and local key stakeholders to quickly scale up 3 projects:

  • Williams Landing Pop Up Park (November 2020 - March 2021)
  • Soho Village Pop Up Park (December 2020 - July 2021)
  • Point Cook Pop Up Park (November 2020 - July 2021)

To date, we have managed over 157 events including community goodwill events, family activities, outdoor movies, multicultural events and  a wide range of live music by local musician and performers. These events were challenging to organise with COVID-safe requirements, sudden re-schedulings with snap lockdowns and various auspice/support arrangements. However, the smiles and laughter these events bring to our community, as well as the flow of visitors to our local businesses is why we do what we do!



Burgess Rawson, Cedar Woods, COMAC Retail Property Group (Centre management), Empire Properties, Local Community Members, Local Traders, Stockland Point Cook, Wyndham City Council.


Williams Landing Pop Up Park

People sitting in outdoor areas on the Soho Village Pop Up.

Movie Nights at Point Cook Pop Up

Point Cook CFA at Point Cook Pop Up

Bottom two images by David Mullins